The Artists

ToNY & Jacqui Camm

Duke and Dutchess of the funk

Mated in the funk since the summer of 1979, Tony and Jacqui Camm met while singing in local Virginia band Cuffs & Sleeves, and 40 years later they're still making music together, fronting the 22-piece "psychedelic funk circus" The Funk Allstars and recording and performing as a duo, exciting audiences with their playful, high-energy stage show.

Shirley Clinton

and d.n.a. funk

Shirley Clinton is a national recording artist hailing out of Greensboro, NC who specializes in funk, jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and Blues. Born in Newark, NJ, she is heavily influenced by her legendary uncle George Clinton, Jimmy G (Jimmy G and The Tackheads) and her mother Shirley Clinton McClean. A dynamic performer, she has fronted several bands including The Horizons Band, The Undertakers Band, The Mighty Majors, and her current band D.N.A. Funk. 

Zack Roberson #9

alien of the funk

Zack "#9" Roberson is a bassist and drummer who is the front-man/lead vocalist of the Nappy Head Funk Army, a band that was born in New York City in 1998 playing the legendary George Clinton's birthday party. Two decades later the band still kills the stage with in-yo-face funk, inspired by P-Funk, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, Mother's Finest and Bootsy Collins.

Robb Harper

Finger funker

Robert Harper is an American Bassist, Rapper, Songwriter and Composer, who first gained notoriety from collaborations with funk bass legends Louis Johnson (1998) and Robert Wilson (2005). Robert's music has been embraced by legendary Funk music icons such as Louis Johnson (Brothers Johnson), Robert Wilson (The Gap Band), Bootsy Collins, Garrett Shider and Greg Boyer from the P-Funk lineage.

Funk allstars

Allstars of funk

Formed in 2016 as a 5-piece band paying tribute to P-funk, The Funk Allstars quickly grew to a 16 member funk collective electrifying festivals and concert venues up and down the East coast. Dubbed a "psychedelic funk circus" for the myriad of high-energy moments taking place simultaneously onstage.

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